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We don’t sell second-hand appliances. Wait, what? That’s right, we do not sell pre-owned or pre-used second hand appliances. Cape Demo Appliances specialises in supplying demo appliances, scratch-and-dent appliances or box-damaged appliances that are in perfect working condition. All, of course, at a price considerably less that what you would fork out for a brand new appliance on the retailer’s shop floor.

Let’s explain:

Second hand: – is exactly that. ‘Handed’ over after someone else has used it for an extensive period of time.

Demo: – Stock used by the retailer for display or demonstrative purposes.

Scratch and dent: – Goods that were nicked, dented or scratched on the retailer’s floor, or superficially damaged during transport or loading. Also called box-damaged. For example, during transport or handling the protective packaging are damaged and the appliance is less protected and more open to receiving small dents and scratches.

Out of box failure: – An appliances, newly bought by a customer, exhibits a slight defect but because it is brand new the retailer replaces the appliances. The slightly defected appliances, which is 100% repairable, can not be re-sold and then businesses, as ourselves, purchase these, repair and test them and then resell them to lucky customers as yourselves.

Sometimes we also get the opportunity to purchase appliances that have no defect but a unhappy customers insisted on a refund or replacement from the retailer. This situation often happens because of the Consumer Protection Act or a retailer’s non-repair policy.

Let’s summarise

So basically the difference between what we sell and second hand is how close to new our products are!

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