As you know, we are proudly a Smeg approved factory outlet, one of the best Italian appliance brands in the world. Now… drum roll…we are positively doing the cha-cha because we now have access to another high-class Italian brand. Elba!

Elba appliances are characterised by expertise,  professionalism, attention to design and the continual pursuit of excellence. All these values can be summarised in a single word: talent.

Since 1950, the year of its launch, the Elba brand has always defined the organisation as a brand which showcases the ‘Made in Italy’ style and now we offer our customers access to excellent quality demo- or scratch and dent appliances at surprisingly great price tags.

Why not get in touch with us to enquire about our current stock or visit our store, or you can follow our Facebook page for our latest arrivals and promotions. Let Elba unleash the Talent in ou! ‘Cucina Felice!” (Happy Cooking!)